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  • CP1091
    Feb 2, 10:17 PM
    If you are interested in something else.. I have an unlocked Blackberry Pearl that could be yours.. :)

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  • Don't panic
    Jul 13, 10:33 AM
    We had at least 2 or 3 topic with this car in the past few months.

    Use the search function.

    Still, cool car/mac.

    Come on, give him a brake.
    It'd true that this has appeared before (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=57422), but it was months ago and the search function *cough* doesntreallyworkverywell *cough*

    and it WAS a cool mod

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  • getbigg21
    Dec 3, 01:15 PM

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  • benbarsh
    Oct 23, 06:27 PM
    see you all at KOP. Ill be the kid wearing the skinny jeans and thick rimmed glasses, im kind of hard to miss (im a guy BTW). Say your from Macrumors, and we'll talk!


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  • mikes63737
    Dec 6, 02:11 PM
    This happens to me too, it doesn't freeze or crash, but the video and audio won't play because they're designed for WMP 10.

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  • benhollberg
    Apr 26, 10:53 AM
    This has bothered me every since I got a new Mac back in 2009. I must have the numerical keypad for my uses, I love the Apple keyboard but I hate that cord. I serious am disappointed in this, I would pay extra money for this.


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  • kuebby
    Jan 17, 11:51 AM
    That hat is one of the geekiest looking things i have ever seen.

    Agreed. Come on, is that even necessary? Just use own of those little plastic stands that comes with the iPod touch.

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  • mox123
    May 4, 01:14 PM
    wait till next year for the MBP case redesign and the dramatic 3D transistor architecture of ivy bridge :D


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  • russed
    Nov 16, 07:41 AM
    I also have a set of JBL Creatures, but I wouldn't say the sound quality is really good. They are very good for the price, and I do love them to bits but they don't cope very well at high volume (like, Maximum).
    They are fine for a bedroom, but I don't think they have enough 'in hand' to be loud in a large room. I am fussy, but I get some distortion when listening to them very loud. Great for gaming and mp3, but not for listening to classical music or hard-house up high.

    They look superb, though :)

    i would disagree but i feel the quality is very good for what you are paying for. i have never managed to get them to full volume as it was so loud i couldnt stand it! i do not think there is any distortion at pretty loud listening when listening to heavy rock, metal, dance and cheese! i think a lot of it comes down to the quality of what you are playing (all my mp3's are 192kbps aac) and also the set up of the equilizer on itunes. if you get it correct it sounds amazing, even on my pb speakers!

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  • Koodauw
    Nov 28, 06:21 PM
    So you would recomend the v600 over the v400 as far as battery life and quality?

    It all depends. I liked the V600 better than the V400 for these reasons.

    It was made out of Metal/Aluminium instead of plastic.
    I seemed to be able to hear better on it. Although i think it was do mainly to ergonomics.
    I liked the look and feel of it much better. To me the V400 was the beta, and the V600 was the final product.

    I value style, and durability, so I went with the V600. Also, I had a V60 which I loved. Possibly the best phone I have ever owned, and the V600 remind me much of it. I'm sure was a big part of my decision.

    And as for battery life, if I remember correctly it was about the same. No huge difference.

    So I guess if your an average user, The V400 is a good fit.

    BTW, I dont think Cingular sells the V600 anymore. I think they replaced it with a 500 series phone. Which is made out of plastic :(


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  • jimthorn
    Jul 3, 11:38 PM
    Here's how it looks in the Dock.

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  • TheWart
    Jun 20, 08:16 PM
    I'm planning on coming. I didn't pre-order so I'll get there pretty early. I'm going to call the store this week and try to find out if they have an idea of the number of phones not already sold through pre-order.

    FWIW, I was walking by the store this weekend on the way to somewhere else so I popped in and I asked one of the workers if they were planning on having very many phones beyond the pre-order batch.

    He did say that they were planning on having "some" but that he wasn't sure how long that batch would last hehe.


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  • mauros
    Jun 23, 06:11 PM
    I'll be there at the opening....

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  • pukifloyd
    Dec 2, 01:01 AM
    This is the first time I've heard of such a thing...this is horrible
    I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but can't they just demolish this house and rebuild a new one on the same plot? I know it'll be expensive...I am just asking :o


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  • upsguy27
    Jun 19, 02:16 PM
    Delete me, changed to trading iPT for BB in main Marketplace thread.

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  • dmr727
    Apr 12, 09:06 PM
    I'd so take one of those over an iPad, any day. :)

    Me too. Those machines were really awesome - active matrix displays were a big, big deal back then.


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  • skoker
    Dec 3, 11:11 AM
    No One?

    No offence, but this is MACRumors :D

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  • ucfgrad93
    Mar 8, 11:32 PM
    i Spy

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 23, 07:07 PM
    Can you actually do me a favor? On your computer, locate this file:


    This is a file into which log information is written by the system continuously whenever it is on and you are logged in. Can you put it to sleep, and then wake it in the manner which causes your kb to not work? Then look at this file. What we're interested in is whatever is entered in the log immediately during sleep onset and then waking and up to the time that your kb starts working again... it might help explain this. If you can get that part and post it here, it might help.

    Otherwise, you might also try standard things such as repairing permissions, and so on, but I'm not sure if they will help or not. :( It could be that a botched permission on a kernel extension or something else needed to activate the KB again is causing the delay.

    Apr 14, 01:20 PM
    Hello all, I have recently received a iMac G5 for very cheap, I tested the machine and i have no display. The first 2 LEDS come on and the third does not. i believe the issue with it is blown capacitors, although im not 100% on this. I have never dealt with a capacitor issue so i'd figure i'd ask if that really is the problem, so it can be fixed. Heres an image of my iMac
    Are the ones on the left needing replaced? Theres about 15 in the machine that look similiar, and few that look like whats on the right.
    If this is indeed my problem, where could i get the capacitors that i need?

    Do you see those lines across the top of the capacitors. Those are there so if the device fails it will be a more or less controlled explosion where the metal slips on those lines. Failed caps are dead on obvious and make a big mess

    If yu really do think one is bad un-solder it and test it. It takes all of 5 minutes and you've got not much to loose

    There is absolutely no way to diagnose this without some test equipment. Get at least a multi-meter and likely a meter and an oscilloscope. Then

    If you do need to replace them they are 25 cent parts and you don't nee a perfect exact match any electronic parts place will have them.

    There is no way to look at this without some test equipment, you cannot see the signal in the traces with your eyes not can you visually see a defective component except in the extreme case of one that has let out some fire and smoke

    Tom B.
    Mar 31, 12:02 PM
    does anyone know exactly what the difference will be? pokemon wise? :D

    Me. :D

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Version Exclusives at Serebii.net (http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/exclusives.shtml)

    Jun 24, 01:24 PM
    hey i had said i wanted those but its fine, u can sell them to the other guy

    PM Sent.

    Tallest Skil
    Jun 29, 07:33 PM
    Either way Apple is going strong and the potential for iPhone (and Apple gadgets) and Mac OS X to move forward are huge.

    Yeah, Apple's gadgets. What about... oh, I don't know... their COMPUTERS?

    Specifically the Mac Pro and Mac Mini. So much potential there.

    May 1, 06:40 PM
    I hope it's announced in june I really want a new iPhone and I don't want a white iphone 4 because I already have a black iPhone 4 so what's the point in getting the same one. I want an iPhone 5.